Dear Crossovering Writer ...

Dear Crossovering Writer,

Be assured I will love any story I'm given, and the ideas below are just that: what I'm thinking as I put my requests together, designed to help, inspire a little perhaps.  Feel free to ignore them COMPLETELY and let your own bunnies loose to run wild. 

I have no triggers, and my only real squick is outright rape (though carefully negotiated non-con can be okay).  I adore the smuttiest of smutty smut, and am no stranger to kink, but don't necessarily need you to write it as I love adventure and action and character exploration as well.

If you do want to write romance or smut, I am happy with m/m, f/f and multi pairings: my favourites and notps are listed in the general fandom section.

If I had to pick a specific sweet spot for the sort of fic that thrills me across all the fandoms I read, it's those fics that give me insight into a fave character or set of interpersonal dynamics.  How  a person's temperament and personal baggage acts on every situation they find themselves in - what they say and don't say, whether they retreat into denial or plunge with reckless abandon, how they fight and make love and have wild, non-committed sex in a way that says so much more than just bodyparts and tab A into slot B. I want to understaaaaaaand them all, dammit.

My requests are in bold, everything after that is pure rambling/inspiration fodder and NOT a request per se.

1. Revolution/Xmen (either timeline)/Veronica Mars/Battlestar Galactica.   (I'd love to see any of the characters from any of the other fandoms working their way through a post-apocalyptic world especially if it could be Revolutions: how would Veronica Mars cope without her taser?   How would having some of our Xmutants around change things? How would Kara cope with being grounded, or would the BSG pilots be exempt from the nano Blackout if they happened to find Earth right then?)

2. Veronica Mars/Sense8/Xmen/The X-Files. (This is my mystery combo - Veronica and/or Mulder and Scully investigating a mutant/Sense8 sort of mystery, perhaps?)

3. The Fast and the Furious/Revolution/Battlestar Galactica/Killjoys.  (Who doesn't want to get their faves in a clinch) with Letty Ortiz or Charlie Matheson or Kara Thrace or Dutch?  No?  Just me? Hot bandits team up, whether its cars or ships in play, home or somewhere out in the Galaxy.  Much adrenaline, hijinks and if it floats your boat, making out would be pure, thick, gooey icing on top.)

4.The Dresden Files/Labyrinth/Battlestar Galactica.  (This one could play with the idea of mythology and mythmaking and how we tell ourselves tales to get ourselves through the dark, and sometimes, there are SOME people who know what is out there IN the dark.  Harry Dresden tries to live two lives at once, a foot in the real world and a foot in the Never Never; Jareth is wholly of his domain, but desires Sarah who is not.  In Battlestar, the classical mythology underpinning Galatican society that is then transplated to early Earth to be reborn again ... what of other stories, other myths, that might have antecedents we are unaware of?  What are we remembering when we remember the Dresden's Faerie and the Labyrinth etc etc?)

5.  Black Sails/Revolution/The Xmen (either timeline).  (Sometimes you just have to dump your favourites in the Age of Sail.  Or what if Flint and his crew had a little something extra, DNA-wise?  How about our Revo generals starting to remember a past life - when they sailed the high seas?)

General fandom likes and dislikes:

  My OT3 is Charlie /Bass/Miles, with any combination of those characters making me happy.  I also ship Nora/Charlie, Nora/Miles and Nora/Miles/Bass.  If you want to write Jason and/or Connor, I like them both with Charlie or together, or with Miles and Bass.  Actually, I'd be happy with pretty much everyone EXCEPT Rachel/Bass.  I mostly admire Rachel and always want to understand her better, but ... not with Bass. Or in a Rachel/Miles/Nora type triangle, please.  That sort of canon bullshit leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I largely ignore comic canon, particularly a certain revelation about Charlie's parentage.

Xmen: (Alternate timeline and original timeline):  I must admit to being a bit fuzzy on the timelines, but frankly write me any Xfic and I'm happy.  I ship Wolverine/Rogue HARD (since the first fic I ever wrote, in fact.).  DOFP made me wonder about Wolverine and young, louche and druggy Xavier; I also ship Professor X/Magneto and Professor X/Magneto/Mystique quite a lot.  While I don't really ship much out of that group, I enjoy reading about the full gamut of X characters, particularly Jubilee and Shadowcat, but also Ororo, Hank, Jean and Scott.   (I haven't seen Apocalypse yet but would be perfectly happy to read Apocalypse-set fic.)

Veronica Mars:  I am a WeeVer shipper from wayback, so Weevil and Veronica interaction is my bliss.  I don't need it to be romantic interaction, but don't try to convince me it is purely platonic, please. I like Logan Echolls for his wit and his wounded soul, but not woobiefied and not in a relationship with Veronica. Logan/Weevil is always fun, and Logan/Weevil/Veronica is a guilty pleasure.  I also adore Mac (there is not enough Mac/Veronica fic in the world), Wallace, Jackie Cook, and Lilly Kane.  (Why yes, I've written Veronica/Weevil/Lilly in the past and would love to see more :D)  I'm so-so on Duncan and Piz, but don't like to see them vilified.

Battlestar Galactica:  It's all about Kara Thrace.  I ship Kara x Lee hard, but could also happily read Kara x Sam, Kara x Helo, Kara x Sharon, Kara x Laura, basically anybody except Leoben.   Threesomes and moresomes, all the better.  (She's a wicked, wicked girl.) I love Kara in all her fuckedupness, sharp edges most of all. Unfinished Business is one of the best episodes of television ever made, okay?

Sense 8:  I love the cluster as a whole and ALL its part; I can't even pick a favourite character OR ship to be honest; all the canon ships are good with me, and any others you might want to come up with, too.  As a smut writer, I will admit to being VERY intrigued by the sexual possibilities of being a part of the cluster, of accidentally or perhaps not-so-accidentally opening yourself to someone else (or many someone elses) during an intimate moment. 

The X-Files: 
Mulder and Scully.  Got that?  No noromo, no, no!  Whether its season one, or season The Revival, I'll be happy.  Especially if they are happy, and no one is dying.  I don't mind angst for my other ships but this one overdosed on it and NO.

The Fast and the Furious: 
Letty Ortiz.  Anyone else you want to write, that's fine, and Letty and Dom DO move me, but Letty is that character I would ship with alllll of my favourite female characters.  Especially Charlie Matheson.  And Kara Thrace.

So many cool characters, Killjoys makes it hard to choose a ship or a favourite.  Dutch, of course, but also D'avin and Johnny.  Fancy.  Pree. Alvis. Ship 'em every which way.  I haven't seen any of Season 2 yet, but if I end up writing Killjoys will remedy that to be up with canon.

The Dresden Files:  I'm a book reader and while I don't ship Harry and Karrin particularly hard, she's definitely Karrin Murphy.  I'd read Harry happily with anyone in and out of DF canon, basically.  Moral ambiguity is very much my jam so Winter Harry and the corruption that role entails fascinates me.

Labyrinth:  I like the twisted temptation storylines a lot, and Jareth trying to tempt young Sarah always interests me, as do adult Sarah storylines.  But Jareth.  I like Jareth most of all.

Black Sails:  Anne Bonny is my queen, and I love Anne/Max and Anne/Max/Rackham.  Flint is our one true king and I'll love him shipped with ANYONE, but particularly Eleanor or Vane.  (Flint/Eleanor/Vane has a lot of appeal, especially if set s2/early s3 when they were still in the early days of their alliance.)  Eleanor Guthrie will rise ascendant from the ruins of Nassau and reign her yet and I NEED to understand what makes her tick.

NB: While I'd love to see some of my favourites in your crossover/fusion, I don't need to see all of them, or even both parties of my ship.  And if you want to try shipping across canon - Kara Thrace and Letty Ortiz, say, or Harry Dresden coming to grips with Jareth ... I'd be all for it.  Nothing rarer than a cross-canon rare pair!

I hope some of the above is useful to you in some way, and can't wait to see what you come up with!  (I'm on Australian time, so if I haven't commented for a few hours after you've posted - I'm probably sleeping.  That's the only thing that keeps me from fic!)

Happy crossovering and THANK YOU.



Dusts off Dreamwidth

So I'm doing [community profile] crossovering  this year (or I shall be once signups open in the next few days) so I thought I better dust off the old Dreamwidth account.  Apparently my old password no longer passes muster, and then I had to face trial by Captcha.  But I got here eventually.

I used to crosspost a lot from LJ, but I'm mostly on Tumblr these days so not a lot of LJing has been happening.  But if you are curious who I am and what I do: come visit me on Tumblr where I spend most of my time,  or at my other spiritual home,  A03.  Also fun to visit for Revolution fans is our multishipping temple, The Orgy Armada, where I am a co-captains.  We run quite a few challenges to keep up the flow of fanworks in this tiny fandom, and there's one running right now if you're interested!  60 Moods of Summer.

What do I write, besides a LOT of Revolution?  My A03 dash testifies to a fair swag of Veronica Mars, a certain amount of Xmen Movieverse and a smattering of other stuff across a bunch of fandoms.  And I crossover frequently!  TV wise, I have recently finished watching Battlestar Galactica (for the first time!), loved Sense8, Black Sails and Killjoys, and the Australian drama, Cleverman.  I haven't seen Xmen Apocalypse yet (though need to remedy that before it vanishes from cinemas here) and am currently still worshipping at the altar of DOFP (the Rogue cut, of course.)

2015: My year in fic

Total words: 225, 814. (2014: 102, 091. 2013: 126, 357w.)

Total stories: 51 (2014: 30.)

Total fandoms: 10


The fandom behemoth this year, just like last, is Revolution. The need to generate content for Revolution, across the full range of my “we don’t have ships, we have an Armada” tastes, led to the creation of our Tumblr community The Orgy Armada.  In September, we ran our first challenge to mark three years of Revolution – I wrote a ridiculous number of stories as a result.  The Good Ship Charloe is doing the same for the Charlie/Bass ship within the Armada, so of all my ships, that one gets written most.

It's also been the year of beautiful fic covers and art - my first experience of this was with a Big Bang; 2015's Big Bang, Nora Not Scared, took things to a whole new level with a range of pieces created by i will try-to carry on for that story.  Romeo has also created some lovely covers for me, and Revo Infinite created a gorgeous pirates manip we used for the Revels.

My New Years fic resolution for 2016 is simple: finish your stories, Jaq.  The number of incompletes on this list is embarrassing, and while at least one of them will be dealt with over the next few days, I’m going to try to make myself finish at least one fic every time I’m inclined to start a new one this year.  :D

Projects in the offing (finish my fics resolution notwithstanding):

  • DOFP birthday fic I’m writing for lachlanrose.  It keeps trying to turn into the same longfic as my DOFP follow up epic to “History and Herstory.”

  • “The Bride Price”, Bass and Charlie for Revolution, multichaptered longfic.

  • Romeo’s Mitch + Charloe birthday fic.

  • Nora/Connor (with a side of Nora/Charlie and Nora/Miles) as part of The Armada’s 12 days of Revels.

  • Prim and proper Governess Nora in the Twelve Lashes pirate verse.

As for the stories I DID write:

Revolution – 191, 216w.
Collapse )

Veronica Mars – 38,700w.
Collapse )

Xmen Movieverse – 11549w.
Collapse )

Other - 19,657w.
Collapse )

Fun with sexual headcanons. Rated E: Darcy/Steve, Puckleberry, Charlie/Bass. 4412w.
Kisses I have known.  Rated M.  Wolverine/Rogue, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, Hale/Kenzi, Bellamy & Octavia Blake, Dyson/Kenzi, Bucky/Sam/Nat, Steve/Sam, Bellamy/Clarke, Nikki/Josh, Jon Snow/Ygritte, 6772w.

Six things meme

Stolen from  sandrine right down to her inspired sub of six ships ... I'm not tagging so anyone who wants to pick this up please do :D

One song: Whiskey by Marian Hill (thanks to electricbluefli who infected me via her Charloe playlist)

Two movies:  Xmen DOFP (The Rogue Cut) which I finally watched with the husband a couple of nights ago;

Three shows: (I'm watching on Netflix right now) Longmire, Rush, Brooklyn 99

Four celebrities:  David Lyons, Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, Daniella Alonso.  (No, I am not over Revolution.  Why do you ask?)

Five foods: Turkish delight from the Preston market, serrano ham, the sourdough in the breadmaker right now (the SMELL), buffalo cheese, marinated olives

Six ships:  From Revo, CM2 (Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe/Miles Matheson), and from Rush (my favourite Aussie police show which Netflix has won me for LIFE by letting me rewatch all four seasons) Josh/Tash and Stella/Kerry(the eyefucking got a bit intense last night when I might have watched five episodes in a row).   From Longmire, I am resisting shipping Vic/Walt but my god I am failing bigtime.  Also Cady/Henry.  And Cady/Vic.  And Vic/Matthias.  And Walt/Henry.  Lousy multishipper than I am.

(Six, you say?  Can't count, sorry.)

My effort at 50k in October: Stories from The Second Coming.

Hello LJ,

well, the dust has died down after a frantic October in which I wrote more than 50k words of Revolution fic.  Strangely, I feel no pressing need to do Nano THIS month.  If you fancy a big of Revolution fic of the mad and crazy ship-all-the-ships variety, go and check out our collection for The Second Coming at A03, or click through to the master list on tumblr. The Orgy Armada did us proud: 137 stories and a serious flood of artwork made us happy Revellers indeed.

I've still got one outstanding claim (bad mod!) but I wanted to do the story justice as its going to be a hard one to write, trying figure out exactly WHAT is wrong with Miles Matheson.  And while I've now filled everything to some extent, not ALL of those stories are finished.  But there are a good number that are?

Collapse )

Want to come play in my sandbox?

So as a few people round these parts are aware, Revolution has pretty much eaten my brain in recent months.  (Year.)  It is, however, a fandom adjusting to cancellation and the inevitable drifting away that occurs as people get into new shows with actual live canon.  And in a small fandom that can be hard to take, so.  SO.

Myself and a couple of friends decided to host a fic challenge ... first time I've done anything remotely like this.  We created a tumblr (theorgyarmada.tumblr.com) to unite as much of the fandom as we could in one place, and launched Revolution: The Second Coming,  prompting for which closes tomorrow.

(If you are a Reveller reading this and you want to prompt: GO. NOW:  theorgyarmada@gmail.com)

Claiming starts in just over 24 hours (Saturday at noon) and we have over 200 prompts and I am all all excited about pulling this off because people seem keen.  LET THERE BE FIC!!!!

New fic: All Tied Up, Rated E

Title: All Tied Up
Rated: E, explicit sexuality and mild bondage themes
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Revolution
Pairing: Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

Summary: It's not that she doesn't like the ring.  She loves the ring.  But she's had it up to here with his high-handed bullshit, and if he wants to marry her, he can damn well ask.   Or, what came after Undone.

At A03: Undone. (7707w). All Tied Up. (7909w).

Recent writing (mostly Revolution, Charlie and Bass)

After finishing Drift Away, I wanted to deal to a number of WIPs, but barely managed a new chapter of Infinite Multiplicity (NCIS/Xmen) before I needed to settle down and focus on my heroinebigbang, Nora Not Scared.  (All 500 words of it so far.)

What's distracting me? My OTHER Revolution muses, of course. Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe have the most vocal group of fans out there, and it's hard not to get pulled into feeding the Charloe frenzy, especially when people are just so thrilled about it. So ...

and hungry I come and go, (rated M, 1952w) in which I mine Neruda in a bid to describe the amount of sexual tension that crackles between these two characters

A Charloe update for Sexual Headcanons ... E,1000 words for that chapter?

Worth Living For, (rated M, 1197w) and Worth Fighting For (rated E, 2719w) ... the first two parts of an ongoing 'gaps in canon' series, where we look at the Bass and Charlie moments from Bass' somewhat twisted perspective.

Under lock and key (E, 2329w). Handcufffs, Valentine's Day challenge, what more can I say.