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So as a few people round these parts are aware, Revolution has pretty much eaten my brain in recent months.  (Year.)  It is, however, a fandom adjusting to cancellation and the inevitable drifting away that occurs as people get into new shows with actual live canon.  And in a small fandom that can be hard to take, so.  SO.

Myself and a couple of friends decided to host a fic challenge ... first time I've done anything remotely like this.  We created a tumblr (theorgyarmada.tumblr.com) to unite as much of the fandom as we could in one place, and launched Revolution: The Second Coming,  prompting for which closes tomorrow.

(If you are a Reveller reading this and you want to prompt: GO. NOW:  theorgyarmada@gmail.com)

Claiming starts in just over 24 hours (Saturday at noon) and we have over 200 prompts and I am all all excited about pulling this off because people seem keen.  LET THERE BE FIC!!!!

New fic: All Tied Up, Rated E

Title: All Tied Up
Rated: E, explicit sexuality and mild bondage themes
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Revolution
Pairing: Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

Summary: It's not that she doesn't like the ring.  She loves the ring.  But she's had it up to here with his high-handed bullshit, and if he wants to marry her, he can damn well ask.   Or, what came after Undone.

At A03: Undone. (7707w). All Tied Up. (7909w).
After finishing Drift Away, I wanted to deal to a number of WIPs, but barely managed a new chapter of Infinite Multiplicity (NCIS/Xmen) before I needed to settle down and focus on my heroinebigbang , Nora Not Scared.  (All 500 words of it so far.)

What's distracting me? My OTHER Revolution muses, of course. Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe have the most vocal group of fans out there, and it's hard not to get pulled into feeding the Charloe frenzy, especially when people are just so thrilled about it. So ...

and hungry I come and go, (rated M, 1952w) in which I mine Neruda in a bid to describe the amount of sexual tension that crackles between these two characters

A Charloe update for Sexual Headcanons ... E,1000 words for that chapter?

Worth Living For, (rated M, 1197w) and Worth Fighting For (rated E, 2719w) ... the first two parts of an ongoing 'gaps in canon' series, where we look at the Bass and Charlie moments from Bass' somewhat twisted perspective.

Under lock and key (E, 2329w). Handcufffs, Valentine's Day challenge, what more can I say.

My month as het_reccers special reccer ...

I was the special reccer for February at het_reccers and recced a fic for every day of the month across The 100, the X-men and MCU, Veronica Mars and Revolution.

HERE with my very own special reccer tag if you're interested :D


Ship meme - lots of gnarly questions :D

I was tagged by helsinkibaby and I tag alethialia , orangetulips25 , evil_little_dog , empty_marrow and vikingprincess

Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions under the Read More, then tag.

1.  Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

2. Eli Navarro/Veronica Mars

3.  Wolverine/Rogue

4.  Mulder/Scully

5.  Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto

The questionsCollapse )


Manip by Troublescout

*now complete*

Title: Drift away 

Series: If the world should end today

Fandom: Veronica Mars/Revolution

Pairing/s: Miles Matheson/Bass Monroe, Miles Matheson/Bass Monroe/Veronica Mars

Rating: E (don’t be fooled by the earlier chapters.  E for OMG Explicit.)

Wordcount: 32,791.

Summary:Two months after the end of the world, Veronica Mars has finally stopped fighting. So of course she’s rescued by two bonehead soldiers in search of a mission.

At A03.

* gorgeous art by Troublescout

Title: Recombination and other basics of cell biology.
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Pairing: Wallace Fennel/Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie
Rating: M
Wordcount: 1753

Summary: Wallace is prepping for his 9th grade biology class. But mostly thinking about Mac.

At A03.

Porn Battle XVI cancelled :(

Porn Battle is a highlight of the year for those of us who like to read and write good quality smut, so I was sad to hear it wasn't taking place this Feb for the first time in a while.  Supermod/owner/supreme porn merchant Signe (oxoniensis) found herself overtaken by RL, and has put the battle on temporary hiatus.

Smut mightn't be everyone's thing, but I adore it, and Porn Battle has a very specific place in my writing calendar.  I like writing to prompts, and yes, most of my fic gets smutty anyway, but there's something very freeing about writing porn for porn's sake, rather than having it develop in a wider storyline.  (Oh, the moral quandary of having to ask myself - is it necessary? Does it add anything? Or have I just written 2000 words of smut because I happen to love writing sex and seduction and all the ways that can play out?) With Porn Battle, I can cut right to the chase, and any plot that insists on developing is secondary to the sensual feast.  So - thanks Signe, for all the work over all these years (since 2006, in fact.)

It makes you think about how much some people pour into fandom - how they crystallise so much creativity and drive people to create art and vids and fics just by throwing a challenge out there. Check out PB's list of prompts sorted by fandom - SO many fandoms, So many stories.  Some writers will do just one or two stories over several thousand words; others will do a whole bunch of snippets.  Whatever your poison, the outpouring of creativity is phemomenal.  All down to one person and the volunteers who help her out.

So vale Porn Battle, and may it return when Signe is better able to handle its demands.

So with my Feb suddenly clearer, I'm going to declare February my official "finish all the WIPS month."  That doesn't mean there won't be anything new (think I'm incapable of that tbh), but I'm going to make myself sign off an incomplete fic before I start a new one.*  Drift Away is close to being finished, I'm working on a new chapter for Infinite Multiplicity, and then I'll look at Tied with a Bow and To Build a Dream.

* Jaq reserves the right to break her own rules at any time.

Give a prompt, take a prompt

As stolen from helsinki baby, it's a give-a-prompt, take-a-prompt fest ...  I'm going to interpret that as you-write-me-something, I'll write you something, which is probably unwise given my massive wips list, but hey.  Pipeline!

My fandoms/ships I'll take prompts for:

The 100: Bellamy/Clarke, Bellamy/Raven or Raven/Wick
Veronica Mars: Veronica/Weevil or Mac/Wallace
Revolution: Miles/Bass, Bass/Charlie, Miles/Bass/Charlie, Miles/Nora
X-men: Logan/Rogue, youngCharles/Logan
Lost Girl: Kenzi/Hale, Bo/Dyson, Tamsin/Bo, any OT3 involving those characters (and maybe Vex)
The X-Files: Mulder/Scully
BTVS/ATS: Faith/Buffy, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Buffy/Angel

Make sure you let me know what sort of rating you'd like as my porn muse can be full on :D

My year in fic: 2014

2014 total stories: 30.  2014 words: 102,091. (2013: 126, 357w.)

To say 2014 was a big year in my fandoms is a HUGE underestimation.  There was new canon for Veronica Mars - a movie AND a book; new canon for the X-men with Days of Future Past, and a completely new fandom obsession (and lets be honest, major actorly crush) for me as I discovered Revolution and David Lyons (General Monroe, or Bass, depending on the season/state of mind.)

So what got me writing?  A new fandom always spurs creativity, and it was a thrill actually writing fic with new canon arriving every week.  There's a great little nbc_Revolution LJ that runs prompt fests, and the 54 prompts in 54 days challenge had me writing scads of little stories into interconnected arcs.

Once more, my life on Tumblr kicked up my writing a lot, with prompts easy to come by when you a) ask for them or b) do a meme.  Most of my Veronica Mars stories this year were the products of a Meme, or Porn Battle.  12 Days of FicMas, starting on Christmas Day, is a great excuse for me to write a few small fics that give me the chance to try out new fandoms, or return to ones I have neglected - like the Xmen!  All I can say is that after two years of writing Sleeping Dogs in 2012 and 2013, I felt in need of an X-break!  Days of Future Past has since kicked off my enthusiasm there once more, and the X-men mythology is always fruitful to mine for crossovers (plus, Wolverine and Rogue.  I need my fix.  I'll be writing at more Xmen, including something multichaptered, fairly soon, I promise - 2014 will prove a blip on the X-radar :D

But onto the stats!

The winning fandom by wordcount is *drumroll* ... 

Revolution - 17 standalone, 1 crossover, total words: 83,898w.  (Excl. crossover: 61,146w.)
Stories under the cutCollapse )

Veronica Mars - 7 standalone, 2 crossovers, total words: 32,636 words (Excluding crossovers: 7983w.)

Stories under the cutCollapse )

Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Avengers - 2 stories, 3681w.
MCU, Xmen and other fandom stories Collapse )Update on my works-in-progress and things in the planning stages: 

Stories ongoing and in the worksCollapse )



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