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Title: Take the Rough with the Smooth
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Revolution
Pairing: General Sebastian Monroe/Charlotte Matheson
Genre: Post s3
Wordcount: 2326 w

Summary: He loved the severity of black wool and silver buckles once; now, he's never hated an inanimate object more than he does his uniform. (Or: how Charlie Matheson helps change his mind.)  (At A03).

So much Revolution fic


So I spent September caught up in '54 prompts in 54 days' run by the nbc_revolution community.  It was huge amounts of fun, and I wrote quite a lot of stuff for it ... most of it as chained together ficlets for stories that aren't yet finished, but several standalones too.  Then, most recently, I wrote, as a supposed oneoff, From the Desk of General Monroe, because ... this picture.  And someone mentioned desk sex.  Enough said.

Other stories:

Tied with a bow. (Rated E, 5000w, ongoing).  Underage Charlie, squicky Uncle Miles and psycho Bass.  You're welcome.

The Path Where No One Goes (rated E, 6484w) and the sequel, To Build a Dream (rated E, 3717w, ongoing). Yes, uncle-niece incest and threesome kink.  And more story than I ever intended as Bass, Miles and Charlie leave it all behind.

Not yours (rated M, 641w).  In which Bass' mind is a dark, dark place.

Songs of me and mine.  (T, 1694w).  Charlie looks back on her life.

And since I have just decided to do Nanowrimo again this year, the remainder of September will no doubt be a desperate attempt to finish off as many WIPs as possible before plunging into I-CAN-ONLY-WRITE-ORIGINAL-FIC-IN-NOVEMBER month.  More on that later.
Career Counselling, rated E, Sea Patrol.

My 100th fic lodged at A03, and a shiny new (oldish) fandom to boot.  If you aren't Australian, or a massive David Lyons fan, you probably won't be familiar with the show.  All you need to know is that in the first episode of the first season, new Hammersley executive officer, the very uptight, very professional Kate McGregor, turns up to meet her crew, who include the Electronics Technician, Josh, who has a thing for his boss, Ship's Navigator, Nikki.   ET and Nav are unutterably cute together, and thanks to Mr Lyons, Josh just happens to look like a clean-shaven General Monroe, minus all the crazy. And Kate REALLY needs a friend, and REALLY needs to chill out some, so ... a porn prequel happened.  Career Counselling, rated E, Sea Patrol.


 I've been playing with the 54 prompts in 54 days challenge over at the nbc_Revolution community on LJ, and strangely enough, my 500 word (ish) ficlets actually wove themselves into a pretty decent *cough indecent cough* story.

The path where no one goes is Miles/Charlie/Bass, my newest and most fervent OT3, and unsurprisingly, rated E (for explicit.  Though it's not so much.  Just ... naughty.)

Summary: In love, as in war, there's no mercy to be found. Miles, Bass and Charlie surrender to the inevitable.


Revolution 30 day challenge (days 1-5)

 So I've been doing this over on tumblr.  Too much pretty to import, but if you're happy to click through ...

Charlie Miles Monroe

Day 1: Your favourite Matheson  (Charlie 2.0)

Day 2: Least favourite Matheson (Rachel)

Day 3: Favourite male character (Bass Monroe)

Day 4: Least favourite male character (Drexel)

Day 5: Favourite female character (Nora Clayton)



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