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2015: My year in fic

Total words: 225, 814. (2014: 102, 091. 2013: 126, 357w.)

Total stories: 51 (2014: 30.)

Total fandoms: 10


The fandom behemoth this year, just like last, is Revolution. The need to generate content for Revolution, across the full range of my “we don’t have ships, we have an Armada” tastes, led to the creation of our Tumblr community The Orgy Armada.  In September, we ran our first challenge to mark three years of Revolution – I wrote a ridiculous number of stories as a result.  The Good Ship Charloe is doing the same for the Charlie/Bass ship within the Armada, so of all my ships, that one gets written most.

It's also been the year of beautiful fic covers and art - my first experience of this was with a Big Bang; 2015's Big Bang, Nora Not Scared, took things to a whole new level with a range of pieces created by i will try-to carry on for that story.  Romeo has also created some lovely covers for me, and Revo Infinite created a gorgeous pirates manip we used for the Revels.

My New Years fic resolution for 2016 is simple: finish your stories, Jaq.  The number of incompletes on this list is embarrassing, and while at least one of them will be dealt with over the next few days, I’m going to try to make myself finish at least one fic every time I’m inclined to start a new one this year.  :D

Projects in the offing (finish my fics resolution notwithstanding):

  • DOFP birthday fic I’m writing for lachlanrose.  It keeps trying to turn into the same longfic as my DOFP follow up epic to “History and Herstory.”

  • “The Bride Price”, Bass and Charlie for Revolution, multichaptered longfic.

  • Romeo’s Mitch + Charloe birthday fic.

  • Nora/Connor (with a side of Nora/Charlie and Nora/Miles) as part of The Armada’s 12 days of Revels.

  • Prim and proper Governess Nora in the Twelve Lashes pirate verse.

As for the stories I DID write:

Revolution – 191, 216w.
The stories ...Collapse )

Veronica Mars – 38,700w.
The storiesCollapse )

Xmen Movieverse – 11549w.
The stories ...Collapse )

Other - 19,657w.
The stories ...Collapse )

Fun with sexual headcanons. Rated E: Darcy/Steve, Puckleberry, Charlie/Bass. 4412w.
Kisses I have known.  Rated M.  Wolverine/Rogue, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, Hale/Kenzi, Bellamy & Octavia Blake, Dyson/Kenzi, Bucky/Sam/Nat, Steve/Sam, Bellamy/Clarke, Nikki/Josh, Jon Snow/Ygritte, 6772w.

Six things meme

Stolen from  sandrine right down to her inspired sub of six ships ... I'm not tagging so anyone who wants to pick this up please do :D

One song: Whiskey by Marian Hill (thanks to electricbluefli who infected me via her Charloe playlist)

Two movies:  Xmen DOFP (The Rogue Cut) which I finally watched with the husband a couple of nights ago;

Three shows: (I'm watching on Netflix right now) Longmire, Rush, Brooklyn 99

Four celebrities:  David Lyons, Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, Daniella Alonso.  (No, I am not over Revolution.  Why do you ask?)

Five foods: Turkish delight from the Preston market, serrano ham, the sourdough in the breadmaker right now (the SMELL), buffalo cheese, marinated olives

Six ships:  From Revo, CM2 (Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe/Miles Matheson), and from Rush (my favourite Aussie police show which Netflix has won me for LIFE by letting me rewatch all four seasons) Josh/Tash and Stella/Kerry(the eyefucking got a bit intense last night when I might have watched five episodes in a row).   From Longmire, I am resisting shipping Vic/Walt but my god I am failing bigtime.  Also Cady/Henry.  And Cady/Vic.  And Vic/Matthias.  And Walt/Henry.  Lousy multishipper than I am.

(Six, you say?  Can't count, sorry.)
Hello LJ,

well, the dust has died down after a frantic October in which I wrote more than 50k words of Revolution fic.  Strangely, I feel no pressing need to do Nano THIS month.  If you fancy a big of Revolution fic of the mad and crazy ship-all-the-ships variety, go and check out our collection for The Second Coming at A03, or click through to the master list on tumblr. The Orgy Armada did us proud: 137 stories and a serious flood of artwork made us happy Revellers indeed.

I've still got one outstanding claim (bad mod!) but I wanted to do the story justice as its going to be a hard one to write, trying figure out exactly WHAT is wrong with Miles Matheson.  And while I've now filled everything to some extent, not ALL of those stories are finished.  But there are a good number that are?

Ship all the ships!Collapse )

Want to come play in my sandbox?

So as a few people round these parts are aware, Revolution has pretty much eaten my brain in recent months.  (Year.)  It is, however, a fandom adjusting to cancellation and the inevitable drifting away that occurs as people get into new shows with actual live canon.  And in a small fandom that can be hard to take, so.  SO.

Myself and a couple of friends decided to host a fic challenge ... first time I've done anything remotely like this.  We created a tumblr (theorgyarmada.tumblr.com) to unite as much of the fandom as we could in one place, and launched Revolution: The Second Coming,  prompting for which closes tomorrow.

(If you are a Reveller reading this and you want to prompt: GO. NOW:  theorgyarmada@gmail.com)

Claiming starts in just over 24 hours (Saturday at noon) and we have over 200 prompts and I am all all excited about pulling this off because people seem keen.  LET THERE BE FIC!!!!

New fic: All Tied Up, Rated E

Title: All Tied Up
Rated: E, explicit sexuality and mild bondage themes
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Revolution
Pairing: Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

Summary: It's not that she doesn't like the ring.  She loves the ring.  But she's had it up to here with his high-handed bullshit, and if he wants to marry her, he can damn well ask.   Or, what came after Undone.

At A03: Undone. (7707w). All Tied Up. (7909w).
After finishing Drift Away, I wanted to deal to a number of WIPs, but barely managed a new chapter of Infinite Multiplicity (NCIS/Xmen) before I needed to settle down and focus on my heroinebigbang, Nora Not Scared.  (All 500 words of it so far.)

What's distracting me? My OTHER Revolution muses, of course. Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe have the most vocal group of fans out there, and it's hard not to get pulled into feeding the Charloe frenzy, especially when people are just so thrilled about it. So ...

and hungry I come and go, (rated M, 1952w) in which I mine Neruda in a bid to describe the amount of sexual tension that crackles between these two characters

A Charloe update for Sexual Headcanons ... E,1000 words for that chapter?

Worth Living For, (rated M, 1197w) and Worth Fighting For (rated E, 2719w) ... the first two parts of an ongoing 'gaps in canon' series, where we look at the Bass and Charlie moments from Bass' somewhat twisted perspective.

Under lock and key (E, 2329w). Handcufffs, Valentine's Day challenge, what more can I say.
I was the special reccer for February at het_reccers and recced a fic for every day of the month across The 100, the X-men and MCU, Veronica Mars and Revolution.

HERE with my very own special reccer tag if you're interested :D


Ship meme - lots of gnarly questions :D

I was tagged by helsinkibaby and I tag alethialia, orangetulips25, evil_little_dog, empty_marrow and vikingprincess

Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions under the Read More, then tag.

1.  Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

2. Eli Navarro/Veronica Mars

3.  Wolverine/Rogue

4.  Mulder/Scully

5.  Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto

The questionsCollapse )


Manip by Troublescout

*now complete*

Title: Drift away 

Series: If the world should end today

Fandom: Veronica Mars/Revolution

Pairing/s: Miles Matheson/Bass Monroe, Miles Matheson/Bass Monroe/Veronica Mars

Rating: E (don’t be fooled by the earlier chapters.  E for OMG Explicit.)

Wordcount: 32,791.

Summary:Two months after the end of the world, Veronica Mars has finally stopped fighting. So of course she’s rescued by two bonehead soldiers in search of a mission.

At A03.

* gorgeous art by Troublescout

Title: Recombination and other basics of cell biology.
Author: JaqofSpades
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Pairing: Wallace Fennel/Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie
Rating: M
Wordcount: 1753

Summary: Wallace is prepping for his 9th grade biology class. But mostly thinking about Mac.

At A03.



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